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About Willie Green III

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Music has been an essential part of my life since I was born. It has helped me through some of the toughest times and has taught me valuable life lessons like perseverance, dedication, and how to stay calm in challenging situations. My Uncle Walter, who was my first drum teacher, helped me develop as a drummer from age 5-17 and gave me some outstanding life lessons on the drums. He taught me to play in the pocket and keep the groove through a song. My first time working with music outside of the church was in the Marching band, which was a mind-blowing experience. Music is not just a science or an art; it is a way of life that brings joy, clarity, and unity to those who listen and play. Recently, I took up composition, which was a significant decision for me. Being a composer brings many ups and downs, but it still brings me joy frequently. The process is long and hard, but I know that the finished product will be worth it. Sometimes, I'm curious about how the piece will sound and how people will receive it. I believe that music reflects what is inside you, and it has helped me through difficult times, such as a breakup and my grandfather's death. I love listening to music to calm me down and help me get my thoughts out. Depending on the day, I can listen to anything, but I mostly go out of my way to listen to Black American, Classical, and Latin Music. The coronavirus pandemic has made me more grateful for the opportunity to play music and know what life would be if music wasn't a part of my life. Spirituality is important to me, and I believe that going within ourselves can help bring balance and truth into our lives. It allows us to get closer to God and encounter our true selves beyond what we think, see, or hear about ourselves. This journey can be difficult, but I believe that Jesus and spirituality can bring balance.




East Saint John High School

High School Diploma


Loyola University New Orleans

Bachelor in Music Industry Performance

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