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Hey, it's nice to see you here! I hope you're doing well too. My name is Willie Green III, and I'm a composer and drummer from New Orleans. I'm happy you're able to join us here and I hope you'll find everything you need on this website. If there's anything you can't find, please feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to assist you!!!

-Willie Green III 


Willie Green is a talented and spiritual artist and composer from Louisiana. At a young age, he discovered

his love of drums while playing gospel music in his dad's church. Since then, Willie has infused his

performances and compositions with his spiritual sensibility. As a band leader, Willie strives to create

opportunities for his bands and friends that align with his vision for himself. He continues to play for other groups and recognizes the importance of cultivating healthy experiences and relationships with others . Willie sees music as an essential part of his life, having been a constant companion since he was young. Through his career as a musician, he has learned valuable life lessons, including perseverance, dedication, and staying calm in challenging situations. Willie's first drum teacher, his Uncle Walter, taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of playing the music. Willie has had the privilege of studying with some of New Orleans' most prominent drummers during his college years at Loyola University. Since graduating, Willie has played with many talented musicians and performed at major US and overseas festivals. Willie hopes to continue spreading his message of peace through his music and to collaborate with as many musicians as possible throughout his career.

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